Contact Raynetta

I’m always happy to hear from you! I can be reached via:

1) Click the “Join My Insider List!” link on the right side of this page just above the Search box.

2) Email me at   Please enter “Reader” and your name as part of the subject line.

3) Send me a message at Raynetta Manees, Author on Facebook

4) I’m on Twitter as @raynettaman

5) I’m on Instagram as ms.manees

6) Write me at Raynetta Manees PO Box 3203 Southfield, MI 48037

2 Responses to Contact Raynetta

  1. Karol Davis says:

    I hope you release All for Love as and e-book. One of my favorite books.

    • rmanees says:

      Hello, Karol

      Thank you! I’m so happy All For Love is one of your favorites. It will be available as an eBook later this year. I will post its release on this website. Please sign up for this site’s “Insider List” if you haven’t already done so–that way you will receive an email when its release is announced.

      Warm Regards, Raynetta

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