Black History Month-Black History In My Novels Part I “Follow Your Heart”

Happy Black History Month!  Although I write fiction I incorporate factual Black History into my books, and throughout this month I will be posting excerpts from my novels that reference Black history.  The first is the following excerpt from my award-winning Christian romance, FOLLOW YOUR HEART:



“Do you think Ty is in danger?”

Tameka was confused, “Danger?  I don’t understand what you mean.  He’s in jail, but as far as I know, he’s not in any danger.”

Palmer chuckled sadly, “You’ve led a sheltered life, haven’t you?  Unfortunately, in this country, one of the most dangerous places for a black man to be is in jail.  I can’t hear the words ‘southern sheriff’ without seeing fire hoses, billy clubs, and police dogs.”

Tameka recalled the terrifying grainy black-and-white films of atrocities that occurred in southern towns before she was born.  She remembered her mother’s haunting narratives of being spit on during civil rights marches when she was a child.

“I understand now.  But this southern sheriff is a black man and an old family friend.  He doesn’t allow the mistreatment of any of his prisoners, black or white.  Ty’s in no danger.” 

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