Beautiful Poem For Black Mothers And Daughters By Poet Oya

A few years ago I made the acquaintance of a wonderful black woman poet named Oya.  With her permission, I am re-posting this beautiful poem.  Click here to go to Oya’s Facebook page.

12039354_529823913865116_6694816767652268482_nDaughter you are beautiful
Your skin is a wonderful reflection of our ancestors
Daughter I promise to teach you to love the dark richness that others may make you question
Daughter you will learn as a child your history
The beauty and the ugly truths so you can know how strong and diverse a group of people you come from
Daughter if you should ever come home crying because someone called you names or defame you because of your darkness I promise to instill even more strength and power in you
So you can stand proud and stoic and be able to say my black skin is beautiful and walk around with a smile wearing your invisible crown
Daughter I will teach you as a Queen to always uplift other Kings And Queens because you are your sister and brothers keeper
We will pray together
Honor our ancestors
Walk in majesty until our dying day Daughter


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2 Responses to Beautiful Poem For Black Mothers And Daughters By Poet Oya

  1. Virgie Smith says:

    Great excerpt. It is so important to teach our children…

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