Happy Birthday Angela Davis, Anita Baker–and Me!

I’m sending a big “THANK YOU” to my readers who sent me birthday greetings last week.  I’ve always been proud of sharing my birthdate with two dynamic sisters, Angela Davis and Anita Baker.  So proud, in fact, that I gave a shout out to them in my five star novel FANTASY!  Below is the section from FANTASY that contains my homage to them.  (If you’ve not read FANTASY as yet—featuring its beautiful full figured heroine–follow the link to Amazon to read the first chapter FREE!) http://www.amzn.com/B00LJLIZE2

eBook cover Click picture to purchase!

eBook cover Click picture to purchase!

“Putting one of the room keys in the pocket of her backless sun-dress, Sameerah eyed her large, bulky purse.  I don’t want to worry about keeping my eye on that thing, and I sure don’t want to walk around with it on my shoulder.  Anyway, why would I need it?  Guess maybe I do have a use for that safe, after all.

FANTASY classic paperback cover

FANTASY classic paperback cover

She went to the safe and, after a few tries, managed to set a combination. Since the cruise ship would charge her to open it if she forgot her combination, she used something she knew she wouldn’t forget. Something she proudly shared with Anita Baker, Angela Davis, and what’s-her-name, the romance novelist: January 26th—her birthday.  These people aren’t going to get any hundred dollars of my money to open this thing, she nodded resolutely.”


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