Hollywood’s Invisible Love Interest: The Overweight Black Woman

I highly recommend this article: Hollywood’s Invisible Love Interest: The Overweight, Black Woman | Jezabel Online.

To quote a paragraph from the article:

overwirghtAnd, if viewing habits are any indication, and silence is consent, we’re perfectly happy with our overweight sisters in the role of sidekicks, asexual nurturers, or desperately trying to find a man because that’s what we’ve been sold as “real.” We sit in darkened movie theaters and forget that 82 percent of black women are overweight or obese. We forget that they are our sisters, mothers, friends … they are us. We forget that we see their love stories play out every day in our homes, neighborhoods and cities.”

I totally agree with this article.  I’m addressing this problem with full-size heroines in my romance novels “Fantasy”(size 16)



and “All The Way Home” (size 18).

ATWH COVER new format 161X255

Also, although she is not plus-sized, Angela, the heroine in my novels “All For Love” and its “syncquel, ” “All For Love: The SuperStar,”  is referred to as “generous-sized” and “a big girl all over.”  The hero, Darryl says, “Current fashionistas be damned; I like my women with a little meat on them.”

Before someone writes in with a comment of, “How dare you applaud overweight women!”  I am not praising any women for being overweight.  But I am acknowledging them.  There’s a big difference.  And to imply that a woman is “unlovable” because she is plus size is just ridiculous, hurtful, untrue, and unfair.What are your thoughts on this subject?  I welcome your comments.

Hollywood’s Invisible Love Interest: The Overweight, Black Woman | Jezabel Online


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2 Responses to Hollywood’s Invisible Love Interest: The Overweight Black Woman

  1. Virgie Smith says:

    Everyone should be treated equally. It shouldn’t matter is you’re thin or thick. Beauty comes in all shapes, forms and colors!

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