I’m Living “Part II” Of My Life–And Loving It!

Truer words were never spoken. I flat-lined twice in April during my heart attack. Flat-lining means my heart stopped beating. After God brought me back to life the truth of these words was burned into my brain.

When I was dying I didn’t think about my writing, or my books, or my bills, or posting stuff online. I thought about all the people I loved that I would never have a chance to talk with again, of all the things I loved to do, like singing, that I hadn’t done in a while and would never do again. Of all the places I loved to visit and would never see again. Of all the things I had put off until “someday,” and now would never have the chance to do.

For those of you who know me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that my online comments have been cut WAY back from where they used to be, that’s because now I’m using that time to connect with all the people, places, and things I thought I had lost forever.

So in a way, I guess I did “die” that frightful day in April.  At least the me who had her priorities mixed up did.  Raynetta Part II looks at the world differently now.

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Best selling novelist, antique shop owner, vocalist, disc jockey, actress
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1 Response to I’m Living “Part II” Of My Life–And Loving It!

  1. Virgie Smith says:

    I’m glad you’re still here..

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