All For Love/ SuperStar Series Book Giveaway!

BOOK GIVEAWAY CONTEST: Win a Kindle edition of BOTH “All For Love” and “All For Love: The SuperStar,” books one and two of the “SuperStar Series!

There will be FIVE winners and each will receive a Kindle edition of BOTH books.

Here’s the question:  both books have the following chapter headings; what do these chapter headings have in common?

Chapter 1       YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND

Chapter 2        IF THEY COULD SEE ME NOW!

Chapter 3        AFTER THE DANCE

Chapter 4        GETTING TO KNOW YOU

Chapter 5        TAKING A CHANCE ON LOVE

Chapter 6        ANTICIPATION

Chapter 7        LA VIE EN ROSE

Chapter 8        ALONE WITH YOU

Chapter 9        KEEP THE FAITH

Chapter 10      WHENEVER WE’RE APART

Chapter 11      YOU ARE MY LADY

Chapter 12      FAMILY REUNION

Chapter 13      THROUGH THE FIRE

Chapter 14      GOING TO THE CHAPEL

Epilogue         WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN

Send your answer to no later than midnight Friday, July 7, 2017, subject line: “Two Kindle Book Giveaway Contest”.  Please be sure to include your name and the email address you would like the book gift notices sent to.  In case of multiple correct answers, winners will be chosen by first received each day.  Winners will be announced next Sunday, July 9.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a TWO PART contest!  The winners of part two of the contest will win autographed paperback copies of each book!  Part 2 entry rules will be announced next Sunday as well.

(Please let me know on your entry if you do NOT want your email added to my author mailing list.)

Good Luck!

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