Steamy Excerpt: ★★★★★ Romance ALL FOR LOVE

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“We slowly went upstairs holding hands, and walked to my bedroom door.  I saw the longing in his eyes.  He kissed me softly, cupping my face in his hands.

“Angela, I’m all mixed up inside,” he said huskily.  You know my background; my ‘home training’ is really pricking my conscious right now.”  He kissed me again, “But I want you so much…” He kissed my neck, and murmured again, “so much…” against the hollow of my throat.

Abruptly, he pressed me against the wall, holding me so tightly I could hardly breathe.  His lips crushed mine roughly, almost cruelly, as his hands started to caress my body.  I pulled away slightly and looked into his eyes.  I was no longer with Dare, the sweet, shy guy who couldn’t drive one-handed.  I was with DARRYL, the whirlwind, the dynamo, and all that passion and power, instead of being diverted into a song, or a dance step, was instead directed at me.  He took possession of my lips yet again.”

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