Need A Last Minute #Christmas #Gift? Give A #Kindle #Book! (Even If They Don’t Have A Kindle!)

superstar-books-1-and-2-collage-500x262UPDATE Christmas Day:  It’s still not too late!!!

Did you know you can give a digital Kindle book as a gift, even if the recipient doesn’t have a Kindle? On the right side of each kindle book page there is a “Give as a Gift” button. Click that.  On the next page enter the person’s email address. They will get an email with the link they need to accept the book.  Complete your Christmas shopping online at home in your PJs! (BTW, all my books are rated 4/5 ★★★★★ [hint, hint!])

If they already have the book (or want something different), they have the option to select a gift card instead.

For those without a Kindle Amazon has #FREE software, “Kindle for PC,”  OR “Kindle for Smart Phone” which is are free applications that let you read Kindle books on your Windows-based computer or smartphone–no Kindle required.  I have all my books (my own and those of my favorite authors) on my PC, my tablet, and my smartphone as well as on my two Kindles, so I’m never without my books!

A quick, easy way to complete your Christmas shopping! Click here to go to my books on Amazon! 

Also, you can order the vintage paperback edition of any of my books by clicking Buy Vintage autographed books online” here or on the menu option above.  These are vintage copies of my books in the non-updated edition as they were originally published 1996 to 2003.  They are now collectors’ items and may sell for more than $100.00 from used book merchants–if you can find them!  Just tell me the name of the recipient.

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