#New #Book “All For Love: The #SuperStar” #Read #Chapter One #Free

[Update of March 17, 2017–“All For Love: The SuperStar” is a finalist for the 2017 Emma Award for the Best Contemporary Romance Of The Year!  The Emma is the premier award for black authors of romance.  I am honored and thrilled!  My deepest thanks to all who nominated “SuperStar!”]

The SuperStar is ready to go home with you! 

ALL FOR LOVE THE SUPERSTAR BY RAYNETTA MANEES 300X200My new book “All For Love: The SuperStar” (The SuperStar Series Book 2) is available on both Amazon.com and BN.com (Barnes and Noble) in Kindle, Nook, and paperback formats! (Click Here  http://amzn.to/2cS0it1  to be taken to the Amazon page.)

Although the entire Chapter One of the novel is available through the Amazon “Look Inside”  feature, I have posted  it as a menu item on this website, www. RManees.com, as well.   CLICK HERE or click on the “Chapter One” legend in the menu above to be taken it.

International pop superstar, Darryl Bridges, speaks directly to you, in his own voice!  (It was mind-blowing writing as a man!).  As Darryl will tell you, “I have a hundred million fans but very few friends.”

This is the follow-up/companion book (syncquel) to my first novel “All For Love: The SuperStar’s Lady (The SuperStar Series Book 1), the story of his lady, Angela.  (No not sequel, syncquel–I’ll explain later!)

These two books form the foundation for The SuperStar Series, with Book 3 coming in 2017.

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