I Love Hearing From Readers! I’m On Goodreads “Ask The Author”



I received a lot of  good wishes on the release of my new book “All For Love: The SuperStar.” The book launch went well, and I’m excited by how the book is being received.

After you’ve read “SuperStar” please drop me a note. I love to hear from people who have read my books. Even if there’s something someone does not like,  it gives me insight on what readers want to see.

Click picture to purchase!

Click picture to purchase!


Two of my books actually came from suggestions from readers. One reader told me she ‘d like to “for once” see a romance novel with a plus size heroine. I’m a plus size beauty myself, so from that came two of my books:“Fantasy”(heroine size 16) and “All The Way Home” (heroine size 18). (BTW, “Fantasy” contains the hottest sex scene I have ever written–definitely for age 18 or older readers!)




The heroine in “All The Way Home” is a grandmother raising a grandchild. That came from a reader who wanted to see a more mature heroine. Being a beautiful, sexy grandma myself, I was happy to comply!

I participate in the Goodreads “Ask The Author” program.  If you are on Goodreads (and if you aren’t, why not?) you can go to the Goodreads Raynetta Manees Page, to ask your question or give a comment and I will give you a reply that will be shared with others readers.  You may, of course, continue to contact me via this website or my email (RManees@aol.com),if you prefer.

I really appreciate your interest. It’s my goal to reply to every comment or question I get and most of the time I accomplish just that.

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