Book Launch Day for “All For Love: The SuperStar!”

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Today is launch day for All For Love: The SuperStar’s Lady  It’s now LIVE and for sale on Amazon and Barnes& Noble.  It’s also available in paperback on both sites.  Its companion book, “All For Love: The SuperStar’s Lady” is on sale for only $2.99 and is now also available in paperback as well.  Thanks to all who got your copies via advance sales.  It’s helped “SuperStar” off to a beautiful start!  Book contests and giveaways are coming soon! I have listed below several quotes from the book below if you’d like to check them out! #AllForLoveTheSuperStar #DarrylBridges

“The memory struck me between the eyes like a hammer.”

“Angela didn’t seem to appreciate the Houdiniesque aspects of her accomplishment.”

“Sometimes when a fan gets obsessed, logic goes right out the window.”

“I felt more self-conscious under her family’s spotlight than I had ever felt on stage.”

“Angie had never said anything about being a musician herself.  She had some ‘splainin’ to do!”

“Wonderful.  She’d been drinking, and from all outward appearances, too much.”

“We ate like food had just been invented.”

“As I looked at my bride I knew the love in my heart showed in my eyes.”

“I’m all for touching reunions, but I suggest you two finish your touching in the car before somebody spots us.”

“We got two weeks’ worth of lovin’ to make up for, my Angel. You ready to play catch up?”

“Those world class legs were allowing a pair of black pantyhose to embrace them.”

“Well, just butter my butt and call me a biscuit!”

“Lady, my mouth don’t write no checks my body can’t cash.”

“I have a hundred million fans, Angela, but I have very few friends.”

“Angie looked down to my feet were rubbing hers—four battleships passing in the night.”

“Well, if this house was any cleaner it would squeak.”

“When I finished, I said, “Guess I should leave Broadway to Brian Stokes Mitchell.”

“My desire for Angela was strong, but my devotion to her was stronger.”

“Looks like you’ll live, but you’ve tried your best to become the first nine-fingered Grammy winner in history.”

“The three of us just sat there for a moment, our hands joined, as our lives were joined; my birth being a product of their love.”

“Look, lady, you took me for better or worse.  Well, my love, come on out on stage and experience a little ‘worse.’ ”

“Lately she’s been acting as unbalanced as a crutch with a wheel on the bottom.”

“It seemed like they were gone forever.  I must have combed my hair ten times, checked my pits just as much, and I chewed up a whole roll of breath mints while I was waiting.”

“So, how close did I come to sleeping with the fishes?”

“Angela grilled Jasmine like a steak.  Perry Mason couldn’t have done a better job.”

“I’m ninety-one years old, and a drink can’t do nothing worse to me than time’s already done!”

“Boy, it sure took you long enough to find yourself a woman, but you didn’t do no half-steppin’ when you finally did!”

“I felt more self-conscious under her family’s spotlight than I had ever felt on stage.”

“Watch your step.  I don’t swim too good, and if you fall in, my rescue attempt would probably kill us both.”

“A lot of the teens were teetering around on six-inch heels, with fake eyelashes that looked like dark fringed curtains”

“The way Angela looked at me made me feel more like a superstar than any of my Grammys ever did.”

“Even isolated as I am from the ‘real world’ by the glass prison I live in, and I know those things happen.”

“Brother man, when you’re in love sometimes you don’t need words.”

“And like any other man I had my personal preferences, certain physical characteristics in a woman that strongly aroused my…er…curiosity.”

“But how do you try to rap to a woman with an entire entourage breathing down your neck?”

“But, look here, I’m very much in love with my woman, and I’m not about to tip on her with you or anybody else.”

“Yeah, well, suppose you just let me worry about my own “sell by” date, okay?” 8/7/16

“If you’re trying to get next to a girl showing you have some manners sure doesn’t hurt.”

“They looked at me as though I was all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, rolled into one.” #book debuts tomorrow!

“I couldn’t make out her words; it sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher: ‘Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah.’ ” debuts tomorrow!

“Darryl, you are sharp as a tack and twice as dangerous!”

“Have mercy!  Those gorgeous legs were on full display for all the world to behold and rejoice!”

“I’d been doing so much reading lately I was beginning to feel like a thesaurus.”


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