Introducing The SuperStar Series and Book Two-The SuperStar!

Introducing The SuperStar Series, and Book Two of the series ALL FOR LOVE: THE SUPERSTAR!

I have decided to do a series based on the characters in my book, All For Love: The SuperStar’s Lady (which is now Book One of the series.)  Book One told the story of the heroine, Angela.  The new one, Book Two, tells the story of the hero, Darryl, and is told in “first person,” just as Angela’s story is.  It will be released Sept. 23rd. Watch for information about advance pre-release sales!

The book will be available as a paperback, as well as in Kindle and Nook e-Book formats.

Book Two contains a host of people, places, and events that are NOT in Book One.  They couldn’t have been, because Angela didn’t know of them!

Book Three will follow in 2017.  More detail is forthcoming!

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