It’s August! My new Book Will Be Released Next Month!

It’s August!  The SYNCQUEL will be released next month.  Allow me to tease you with a few juicy quotes:

“I saw a lot of the teens, teetering around on six-inch heels, with fake eyes lashes that looked like dark fringed curtains”

“The way Angela looked at me made me feel more like a superstar than any of my Grammys ever did.

“Brother man, when you’re in love sometimes you don’t need words.”

“And like any other man I had my personal preferences, certain physical characteristics in a woman that strongly aroused my…er…curiosity.”

“But how do you try to rap to a woman with an entire entourage breathing down your neck?”

“But, look here, I’m very much in love with my woman, and I’m not about to tip on her with you or anybody else.”

“Yeah, well, suppose you just let me worry about my own “sell by” date, okay?”

“If you’re trying to get next to a girl showing her you have some manners sure doesn’t hurt.”

“They were so scared; they looked at me as though I was all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, rolled into one”

“I couldn’t make out her words; it sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher: ‘Wah-Wah-Wah-Wah.’ ”

“Darryl, you are sharp as a tack and twice as dangerous!”

“Have mercy!  Those gorgeous legs were on full display for all the world to behold and rejoice!”

“I’d been doing so much reading lately I was beginning to feel like a thesaurus.”


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