My September Romance Novel Release: Cover Image Revealed!

BLANK dARRYL COVER 300Here’s the cover image from my September NEW book release.  I love it and I hope you do, too!  I can’t give you the book’s title yet because that would give away the unique nature of the book, and I want that to remain a surprise for just a wee bit longer!  I will tell you that the book is a syncquel.  Yes, I do know how to spell “sequel.”  The book is not a sequel.  But what the heck is a SYNCQUEL, anyway?  You’ll find out in September!  Also, for your enjoyment, here is a lengthy excerpt from the book!  Stay tuned!

“Thank God this woman didn’t think she had to wear heels all the time like a lot of women seem to.  Yeah, heels do generally make a woman’s legs look sexier than flat shoes, although Angela sure didn’t have to worry about that.  Her virtuoso legs would look sexy even if she was wearing wooden shoes!  But I’ve seen so many women hobbling around in heels that are obviously killing them, and there ain’t nothing sexy about that.  Not to mention that a woman in pain because her feet hurt is not a very charming companion, either.

 Glancing over at the bed as I turned to leave, I stopped, once again stuck by Angela’s beauty.  Asleep, wearing no make-up and with her hair all mussed up, she was still beautiful; even more beautiful.

A lot of beautiful women just hit you over the head with it.  They keep bringing things up, talking about it, or hinting about it, until you feel like saying, “Okay, I got it.  You’re beautiful.  Now…what else you got?”  I mean, it’s like they keep bringing it up because they feel that’s all they have to offer.

Angela wasn’t like that.  Sure, she knew she was beautiful, just like she knew she was five-feet-seven.  And she treated both in the same matter-of-fact way.  Angie’s attitude was: since anyone who looked at her could plainly see it, why make an issue of it?  And she was also one of those wise people who knew what was on the inside always trumped what was on the outside.

I noticed dark blue satin.  Angela was wearing a pair of my pajamas!  Of course!  I had asked that Monroe prepare a guest room.  Alex must have told him my guest needed something to sleep in.  What else could Monroe have given Angela to sleep in?  I smiled.  I liked the thought of her sleeping in my pajamas.”

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