To Those Who Obtained A FREE Copy Of “My Alzheimer’s Diary”

ALZ BOOK COVER COMPLETE 900X572I am so gratified by the many dozens of people who took advantage yesterday of the limited time offer for a free copy of my book on Alzheimer’s.  I’m on a mission to increase Alzheimer’s awareness and Alzheimer’s research.  The book is dedicated to my grandmother, mother, and brother, all victims of Alzheimer’s.  ( )

Many experts are now using the term “Alzheimer’s Tsunami.”

*”In most of the world, the increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease is building up slowly, just like a tsunami far out in the midst of the ocean….When it hits, the tsunami will cause havoc and destruction, and will probably do so suddenly. The longer we wait, the more intense and more devastating the effects will be. We must therefore plan ahead for the coming of this irresistible onslaught of an Alzheimer’s tsunami.”

*Wallack, Max.  “The Coming Alzheimer’s Tsunami” The Alzheimer’s Reading Room  Accessed July 14, 2014


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