Enjoy Memorial Day with hot, steamy romance: FANTASY!

Enjoy a leisurely Memorial Day with my hot, steamy romance novel, FANTASY, rated 4.8 stars on Amazon.com   Here’s a nice LONG sample!

Click picture to purchase!

Click picture to purchase!

“I’m a pretty fast study,” Tony said softly.  “Play it one more time.”  He took the pad of paper bearing the words from the top of the piano and placed it on the music rack.   “Let’s do it…” his voice was barely audible now, “together.”

Sameerah began to play, still not looking at Tony as her fingers flew across the keys.  Sameerah sang the first couple of lines alone.  But then Tony joined her, on the spot devising a harmony to Sameerah’s melody line.

The music became a celebration, the euphoria, the emotion, building with each passing note.  The power of Tony’s voice and the power of his presence were like a narcotic.  Sameerah felt herself becoming giddy, intoxicated.

She was not consciously aware that either of them had moved, but now they were touching.  Sameerah could feel the muscles in his powerful thighs aligned against hers.

Tony put his arm around her waist, and in her movements of striking the keys, her right breast grazed his chest.  The nipple immediately became inflamed and swollen.  A fire began deep in her loins that was spiraling upward with the momentum of the music.

At last, as they reached the end of the song, Sameerah involuntarily turned, and her eyes met Tony’s.  Their gaze fused along with their voices on the last refrain: Because I’m in love with you.

Then silence filled the room.  After the hypnotic swell of the music, the silence was jarring, like a dash of icy-cold water, leaving them staring into each other’s eyes, chests heaving as they gasped for air.

The next instant, they were in each other’s arms.  Sameerah felt Tony’s strength as his arms tightly encompassed her, pulling her so close that her breasts were crushed against his massive chest.  His lips seemed to melt into hers like candle wax; soft, hot, pliant.   Tony’s tongue reached inside her mouth, heatedly exploring her teeth, her gums, her tongue. 

Sameerah held him tightly in return, feeling light-headed from the enveloping sweetness of Tony’s lips upon hers.

This kiss was not like the ones they had previously shared.  There was a hunger, a deep, savage need that coursed through them both, leaving a lava trail of fire.  Tony’s tongue continued to probe her mouth, darting, seeking, as his hands moved up and buried themselves in her hair.  Sameerah found her fingers caressing the hardness of Tony’s brawny back, as she pressed against him in sweet surrender.

Tony bent her back gently, and his hand found its way to her left breast, teasingly flicking the stiff nipple with his fingers through the soft cloth of her dress.

Then suddenly, she was falling.  And it wasn’t the unbalance caused by Tony’s nearness that she had felt earlier.  She was really falling.  And so was he.

There was a loud crack! as the piano bench teetered, tilted, and toppled, dumping them both unceremoniously on the floor.

As they lay there, Sameerah and Tony again stared at each other in breathless surprise.  Then they both cracked up.

“Man!” Tony finally said, wiping a tear from his eyes.  He rolled onto his side and looked to Sameerah.  “Are you okay, honey?”

“Uh-huh, I think so,” Sameerah replied unsteadily.  “You?”

Tony patted himself down.  “No broken bones.”

“Mercy!  Get the number of that truck,” Sameerah declared.

Tony grinned.  “Miss Clark, never let it be said your kisses don’t pack a wallop!  Whew!”

Sameerah pointed to the piano bench—or rather, what was left of the piano bench.  She laughed self-consciously, more than a touch embarrassed.  “I don’t think it was the wallop of my kiss that sent that thing to an early grave.  I think that it was more likely the wallop of my generous backside.”

Tony rolled over on his side and propped himself up on one elbow.  “Now, wait a minute.  You can’t take all the credit.  I’m six feet tall and weigh in at 195 myself.  And I don’t think that bench was designed to handle the kind of calisthenics we were subjecting it to.”

Tony reached out, and took Sameerah in his arms again, right there on the floor.  “And as for that generous backside of yours…” Tony slid one hand down and caressed said backside as if to illustrate his point, “Baby…I love it.”  He nuzzled his face against Sameerah’s full, high breasts.  “And the matching equipment up top ain’t too shabby, either.”

Tony stoked Sameerah’s cheek, marveling at the satiny softness of her skin, “Honey, my grand-daddy used to always say, ‘Don’t nobody want a bone but a dog.'”  His lips lightly grazed hers, and he whispered, “And my grand-daddy was a very wise man.”

By this point Sameerah was lying flat on her back, with Tony’s face mere inches above hers.  “Come to think about it, lovely lady, everything about you is generous—your talent, your heart, your spirit…” he gave her a gently teasing smile, “your nerve.”

Tony’s smile faded and he gazed deeply into Sameerah’s eyes.  His voice took on a husky edge, “Maybe that’s why I’m so generously crazy about you.”

Sameerah returned his gaze, feeling herself getting lost in its smoky-green depth.  “You are?” she murmured.

A spark ignited in Tony’s eyes, “Well, I could be mistaken.”  He rubbed her nose with his, “Let me check.”

This time the kiss was just as intense, but gentler, sweeter.  “What’s the verdict?”  Sameerah whispered, when they finally broke apart, her hands softly caressing Tony’s brawny shoulders.

 “I was right,” Tony whispered back, his eyes searching hers.  “You are without a doubt the most beautiful, desirable woman I have ever met in my life.”  His arms tightened around her yet again.  “C’mere, baby,” he said gruffly.


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