Author Interview Podcast – Raynetta Manees April 18

c332736db98ce63c2a9bec407fda8696I will once again be a guest on the Glamour Shoppe Talk internet radio podcast this Monday, April 18 from 1 to 2 PM EST.  We will be discussing my romance novels (especially my Christian romance, FOLLOW YOUR HEART) and Romance Slam Jam 2016 (RSJ), the annual convention of writers and readers of black romance fiction, which Detroit is hosting this year.

RSJ2016 attending author list pic jpegDetroit is hosting RSJ this year, which will be from April 28-30 at Edward Village – Michigan (Formerly, the Royal Dearborn Hotel). We will also discuss my new blog, “My Head Rap,” as well as a number of topics of interest to all women, but especially black women. The program is hosted by well-known Michigan business woman Vicki Johnson.

Video, as well as audio will be available during the broadcast.  Since this is an internet radio station it can be watched and listened to not just locally but all around the globe! You may access the website now (see link below) or at any time to view the video archive of past broadcasts.

Stop by and join us next Monday for some lively and stimulating conversation!

The live feed link to the program is

For more information on the Romance Slam Jam visit the RSJ website at


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