ALL FOR LOVE, By R Manees – Where are the Sequels, Girlfriend?



With the release of my new non-fiction book, I’ve been hearing from long-time readers: “Hey!  What up with the sequel to ALL FOR LOVE?”

This is the status: I’m planning two sequels to ALL FOR LOVE.  One is Tiffani and Alex’s story, but the other is something completely unique!  I’m about half way through the unexpected one.  Sorry that I can’t tell you the title of the book (yet), but that would totally give away the unique quality of the book, and I want to keep that a secret until the book’s release next year.  2016 will be the 20th anniversary of ALL FOR LOVE, and the unexpected one will be released on or near the anniversary date.  Tiffani and Alex’s story will follow in 2017.

I had to stop work on the romance novels to complete my new non-fiction book, “My Alzheimer’s Diary.”  With so many in my family dying from Alzheimer’s, including my mother, I felt compelled to get this book out before the others.  It was just released June 21, and is currently on three Amazon Top 100 lists. Now that’s it is out, I’m going back to the romance novels full time.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, ya’ll.  I know it’s been a long wait, but I promise you the sequels will be worth it!

Warm Regards,


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