“Dark Girls,” A Film On The “Stigma” Of Being One – A Must See!!

I watched this on the OWN channel last night. It was so sad and so moving, and unfortunately, so true!

When I was a girl there was a saying:

“If you’re black get back
If you’re brown stick around
If you’re yellow you’re mellow,
And if you’re white, you’re alright.”

Sad to know some of this foolishness is still around in the year 2013. Some of the comments I heard some Black people say about other Black people who were darker made me want to cry. But the saddest thing was the children. Dark skin children who wished they were lighter and were teased and made fun of because they were not.

The point was also made about rap videos and how some rappers claim to be so “down” with their blackness, yet many of their videos feature light skinned Black women—or white women.

IMHO every Black person should see the film. It might open a few eyes—and a few hearts.

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