Breaking New Ground With My Books

I enjoy doing things with my books that are never or rarely done.  I enjoy being different—I think my mother instilled that in me by giving me this crazy name!

AFL BIG COVERALL FOR LOVE is written in the first person, from the point of view of the heroine.  That is really seldom done.  The book’s hero is the world’s most famous entertainer.

In WISHING ON A STAR the heroine is a romance author.  The book is a love triangle with essentially two leading men.



FOLLOW YOUR HEART is a Christian romance novel.  The heroine is a Grammy winning singer, and the hero is a minister.  Some folks told me not to do it, that I could never make a Christian romance “good.”  The critics (calling it a “flawless literary diamond”) and readers disagreed.  It also won an award.  I threw in a twist about two-thirds into the book that really shook some folks up.

In ALL THE WAY HOME the heroine is a size 18 grandmother.  I was a new grandmother when I wrote the novella and I wanted to show two sexy mature folks in a love scene.

And FANTASY takes place on a cruise ship.  In fact, I had a book signing on a cruise ship the month the book was released.  I didn’t plan it that way, it just worked out.  I love cruising and will be going on my ninth cruise in September.  Oh, and the heroine of FANTASY is size 16.  I thought the queen sized ladies hadn’t gotten enough attention.

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Best selling novelist, antique shop owner, vocalist, disc jockey, actress
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