Plus Size Heroines, Smoking Hot Sex Scene!

00full figuredI saw this poster on another site, and a reader commented that she would love to see a full figured heroine in someone’s book.  Your wish has already been granted!  Two of my books already feature full-figured heroines .


Click picture to purchase!

Click picture to purchase!

In ALL THE WAY HOME  the heroine is Jolene Jeffries, a TV reporter who is size 18, and is also a young, sexy grandmother.  All the Way Home is available as a digital Kindle and Nook book.  It is also available in paperback format in the anthology A Mother’s Touch, which includes All The Way Home as one of three short novels.

A MOTHER'S TOUCH cover no white

A MOTHER’S TOUCH Anthology containing novella ALL THE WAY HOME Paperback Edition.

“Juggling a career as a TV reporter and raising a grandchild alone is challenging enough for Jolene Jeffries. But when she meets Akron Jamison, a strikingly handsome carpenter who wants her help in convincing the city council to give him a grant to repair old houses in the community Jolene knows she has her hands full. For it isn’t long before they try to build a house of their own.”

Click here to get ALL THE WAY HOME for Kindle

Click here to get ALL THE WAY HOME for Nook

Click here to get an AUTOGRAPHED paperback copy of A MOTHER’S TOUCH, which includes ALL THE WAY HOME.

Click picture to purchase!

Click picture to purchase!

In FANTASY the heroine is beautiful size 16 Sameerah Clark, who is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and pianist.  FANTASY is now available for Kindle and Nook.  It is also available now in AUTOGRAPHED  vintage paperback format, and will soon be available in a current paperback format.  Also, Fantasy contains a smoking hot love scene–The hottest I have ever written.  This book is definitely adults only!  Don’t gift it to young 14-year-old-neice!

“ON A FANTASY CRUISE…When struggling singer Sameerah Clark landed a job on the Fantasy cruise liner, she thought she was the main act  not a mere back up vocalist for singing idol, Tony Harmon. Angry at the unexpected turn of events, she blurts out her frustration. But Tony isn’t offended. In fact, he’s nothing less than intrigued by this fiery woman with a voice as smooth as melted honey. When he invites her on stage to sing a duet with him  a duet that he ends with a bold kiss  desire courses through Sameerah’s blood…

A REAL LOVE SETS SAIL…Docked in Puerto Rico, Sameerah and Tony spend a magical afternoon together. Sameerah is impressed at just how down to earth this former mega star really is, until she spots him in an embrace with a woman on the ship’s deck. But despite what she witnessed, Sameerah can’t quite convince herself that Tony is just another playboy.”

FANTASY COVER no whiteClick here to get an AUTOGRAPHED vintage paperback copy of FANTASY.

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2 Responses to Plus Size Heroines, Smoking Hot Sex Scene!

  1. Nana Prah says:

    I’m smiling. It’s great to read about real sized women as heroines in a novel. I’m following your blog too, so I’m looking forward to read more from you.

  2. Tere says:

    I like the poster, very inspirational. I have gotten that “compliment” so many times. “Wow, you have such a pretty face, if only you would lose the weight, you would be so beautiful!” I am a 28 year old woman, and i’ve been dealing with self esteem issues all my life. I even stopped talking to my dad a few months ago because i couldnt take him putting me down about my weight anymore. He even told me that since my personality is like my moms, that i will never get married.

    Its just now that i’m starting to realize that i need to shut off other peoples opinions and LOVE myself exactly as i am. That until i do that, i will never be happy.

    I think its great that you add women that arent a size 0-4 in your books. I know there are women that are naturally thin, but there are women that torture themselves to be that size and achieve the “perfect body”. Thats just not possible for everyone. I think its important that women start worrying more about their health, rather than what number their jeans have on the label.

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