Michelle Obama Video About “Organizing for Action”

I’m very excited about the “Organizing for Action” movement! First Lady Michelle Obama makes this announcement:

I received the following info in an email from Jon Carson, the new executive director of Organizing for Action:

“Each city or region will have its own OFA chapter, and you’ll decide the issues your community cares about most, the work you want to do to make progress on them, and the kind of support you’ll need to get it done.

At a neighborhood and regional level, OFA members will grow their local chapters, bringing in new leaders and helping train a new generation of volunteers and organizers to help fight for the issues at stake.

There’ll be times when we pull together at the national level to get President Obama’s back on passing major legislation, like reducing gun violence or immigration reform. And we’ll all work to help transform Washington from the outside while strengthening our economy and creating jobs.

But for the most part, the direction our work takes will be completely in your hands — with the support of this organization behind you every step of the way.”

I have joined the “Organizing for Action” movement..and I hope you will too!

(BTW–I love Michelle’s new bangs!)

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2 Responses to Michelle Obama Video About “Organizing for Action”

  1. Virgie Smith says:

    BT and I will do what we can! BTW the bangs look great don’t they! 🙂

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