Give a Kindle eBook for Christmas!

Did you know you can give a digital Kindle book as a gift?  And you can even if the person doesn’t even HAVE a Kindle? At the upper right of each kindle book page there is a “Give as a Gift” button in the green buy box. Click that.  On the next page enter the person’s email address. They will get an email with the link they need to follow to accept the book. If they already have the book (or want something different), they have the option to select a gift card instead.

For those without a Kindle Amazon has free software, “Kindle for PC,” which is a free application that lets you read Kindle books on your Windows-based computer–no Kindle required.  There is also a free app for Kindle on your android phone.

A quick, easy way to complete your Christmas shopping, and while sitting down in comfort at home!

All Raynetta Manees Kindle books are currently on sale!  Check them out, along with the great books of several sister authors: CLICK TO GO TO HOLIDAY BOOK SALE!

Poster Art done by @KanDel Media

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Best selling novelist, antique shop owner, vocalist, disc jockey, actress
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2 Responses to Give a Kindle eBook for Christmas!

  1. Lady! Just know seeing this. Thanks for posting it. Glad you liked the ad spot design, and so thankful that you were apart of my free magazine gift to subscribers!

    • rmanees says:

      Hi, Kandie, It was my pleasure to display your beautiful poster art. Thank you for doing it. It was also my pleasure to participate in your free magazine gift to subscribers.

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