Cyber Monday and “Raynetta’s Romantiques”

Since this is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, I’d like to mention that as well as being a novelist I am also the owner of an online antique and collectible shop: “Raynetta’s Romantiques.” The shop is in its tenth year of  operation, having just celebrated its ninth anniversary this past September.

Antique And Vintage Jewelry And Collectibles Are Ideal Gifts Because:

1. They are rare and unique–a gift that won’t be duplicated.

2. They are not a fad–they have passed the test of time

3. They keep on giving–increasing in value in years to come

4. They are an affirmation of the recipient’s good taste

5. They are a confirmation of YOUR good taste

AUTOGRAPHED copies of my paperback novels are also available online at this website.  A book autographed by the author is a one of a kind, yet inexpensive gift!

Stop by to browse!  Mention in the comments section of your order that you were referred by this website and receive a 10% discount on all purchases except autographed books.

About rmanees

Best selling novelist, antique shop owner, vocalist, disc jockey, actress
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