President Obama and the Power of Prayer

This picture comes from a recent Huffington Post article entitled:  “Obama On Fiscal Cliff: ‘We’re Going To Need A Lot Of Prayer For That’ ” 

I had a real epiphany as I read this article.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I pray for my friends, my family.  I pray for people I don’t even know if I hear they are in tremendous need of prayer. And I pray for myself.

But I don’t think I have ever prayed for my country.  The President is right: this country is in deep need of prayer right now.

I have always had the most profound respect for President Obama, but my esteem for him rose even that much higher when I read this quote: ” ‘I always believe in prayers,’ the President said.”

So I’m going to start adding America to my prayers.  I’m going to pray that we can find a way out of this economic mess.  I’m going to pray that we find a way to stabilize the housing market, and maybe keep more people in their homes.  I’m even praying that those who have already lost their homes can find a way to get them back—after all, there are a multitude of foreclosed-on homes that are just standing around empty.

I’m praying that those in control of America’s largest companies and corporations will stop using Greed as their creed, and start dealing with their customers fairly, without trying to squeeze every cent they can out of them.

And most of all, I’m going to pray that the hatred too many Americans feel for their fellow citizens because they are African American, or Asian, or Latino, or Native American, or gay, or disabled, or female—be healed.

God moves in mysterious ways.  Maybe if we all pray for these changes they will more quickly become a reality.  In fact, I’m sure of it.



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