What Was Up With That Delay Last Night?

I missed the President’s victory speech last night.  I fell asleep while trying to stay awake to hear it.  I just spoke with my granddaughter and daughter and they missed it too–for the same reason.  Understandable. After all, a lot of people had a long day at work and/or school yesterday and had to get up early this morning to do it again.

The networks called the election for Mr. Obama before 11:30 PM.  Romney did not give his concession speech until almost 1:00 AM.  Many TV commentators wondered why Romney’s camp was saying they doubted the election results in Ohio. It didn’t make sense to me either.  And when 90 minutes later they just gave up and said “Never mind” that also didn’t make sense.

Yes, I know the President’s speech is on Youtube and will probably be replayed on the news and all that, but still…a thought just occurred to me.  Could that delay have been just to push the President’s speech back so late that a lot of people would miss hearing it?  I certainly don’t know.  But I certainly believe there are people on that side mean and vindictive enough to do it. I’m just saying.

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