New eBook WISHING ON A STAR Now Available! “Have you ever been torn between TWO lovers?”


“Have you ever been torn between TWO lovers?”  I’m delighted to announce the release of my latest eBook, WISHING ON A STAR.

The paperback edition of this book is rated 4/5 stars by and Barnes and Noble. Even if you have already read the paperback you may want to check out this eBook release because it is updated and is expanded  with new material not in the original release.

Here is the cover info:

It’s a writer’s dream come true! Best-selling author Natasha Logan is on her way to Hollywood to pen the screenplay of one of her books. And her co-writer is none other than celebrated triple-star threat comedian/writer/director Woody Hollister. Once there, Natasha’s life begins to rival her fiction when Woody takes her to Las Vegas to celebrate their movie deal. Something is definitely sizzling between them, but Natasha’s determined to keep it on the back burner until the screenplay is finished.

Then Natasha meets sexy pop superstar Ric Weaver, and her perfect scenario falls apart. Ric was the inspiration for her latest bestseller–the champagne pouring; sweet talking heart-throb who now sweeps her off her feet with sensuous kisses and promises of love. Suddenly she’s the real life heroine of her own novel–melting in the arms of this dashing playboy, who has just been cast to star in her film.

But finding out where her true heart lies follows no rule of romance Natasha has ever known.  Choosing between two men she really cares for can be as scary, exhilarating and seemingly impossible as Wishing On A Star….

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