Back from the Caribbean!

Hello, everyone!  I haven’t been active on the website lately because my honey Doug and I just got back from our vacation–a Caribbean cruise!  We left July 13th and went to Grand Turk, La Roma, Curacao, and Aruba.  We had a ball!

The ship had a “Legends” show on the last night out and they auditioned passengers to perform as music legends.  I got the role of Aretha Franklin and Doug won the role of James Brown!  We had costumes and sang on the main stage with a full band and background dancers!  I sang “Respect” and Doug sang “I Feel Good.”  I have the show on DVD and will post it and other pictures of our cruise soon.   Much as we enjoyed the cruise it’s good to be home again!

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2 Responses to Back from the Caribbean!

  1. Henrietta says:

    Hello Raynetta. Glad you and Doug arrived back safely. Yes…I had a ball too but glad to be home again. Can’t wait to see the “Legends” video.

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