“Peace! Be Still!” and Follow Your Heart



Back in March, 2012 I wrote a post about the song “Peace! Be Still!” I was in the process preparing for the release of my book “Follow Your Heart” as an e-Book.  In the book my heroine, Tameka, a Grammy winner and deacon’s daughter, sings this song.  By God’s grace FYH has been on Kindle and Nook  for over a month now, and I am overjoyed with its reception.  Thank you, Readers!

When I posted back in March I didn’t know how to post this video with sound (DUH!), but now I do. “Peace! Be Still!” has been a favorite of mine since I sang it in the Junior Choir of the Twelfth Street Missionary Baptist Church.  So here it is!  Sister Vanessa Bell Armstrong (who is from Detroit–my home town) does such a wonderful interpretation of the song in this version. I’m listening to it as I edit my next eBook, Wishing on a Star.

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